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1 Hour Payday Loans

You have an emergency need for cash right away and cannot get a traditional bank loan or other lines of credit due to your poor credit history. Even if you could, you would be waiting weeks for approval and cannot wait that long.

Many people want or need money so urgently that they inquire about 1-hour payday loans even though they are not sure what these loans are or how to get one.

What Are 1-Hour Payday Loans?

1-hour payday loans are defined as short term loans that require only about 1 hour to apply and get your loan decision. Funding of such a loan, if you are approved, is normally in one (1) business day. Business day means excluding holidays and weekends when banks are closed.

When a 1-Hour Payday Loan Makes Sense

Payday loans of any kind are for urgent, emergency situations that millions of Americans find themselves in from time to time. You may have a medical bill, utility bill, car repair, or other expense you must pay now. Or perhaps you wrote some small checks but realized you are going to be short in your account and will be charged $35 for every one of those checks.

Whatever the case, you need cash fast and do not have any open credit on your credit cards. You probably even exhausted family and friends or just feel bad even asking for help.

The fees for one hour payday loans can be high but will actually save you money in some instances. The NSF check fees mentioned above are just one example of this. Either way, you need help, and this type of loan is your best option.

1-hour payday loans can be good options for borrowers with low income or bad credit, or both. Just be sure you can repay your loan when it comes due, so you do not add more open debt to your burden.

Is there such a thing as a 1 Hour Payday Loan without a Credit Check?

Yes, 1-hour payday loans with no credit check are the loans where lenders do not do what is called ‘hard credit checks.’ They do not use the 3 main credit bureaus for credit information or scores.

Instead, lenders get data from other sources and are primarily concerned with your ability to repay the loan. This means they focus more on your recent income and usually want to see a steady income of $1,000 or more per month over the last few months. This is the best indication of your repayment ability.

Is it possible to get 1-hour payday loans with bad credit?

Yes, this is very possible and very normal too. Bad credit is common when someone requests a one hour payday loan. Lenders who provide these loans do so knowing that more than 50% of all requests are from people with bad credit. Yet, they still approve over 80% of loan requests.

Payday Loans from CashinaSnap.com instead of a Direct Lender

CashinaSnap is a referral source to more than 100 lenders licensed to do business from coast-to-coast. Why does this matter to you? Well, you increase your odds of approval significantly when lenders really want your business. One lender may reject your loan request, but the odds of all lenders doing so are much lower. However, it is important to note that some requests are not approved. There are 1-hour payday loans from direct lenders, but one at a time is a slow and tedious way to obtain a loan.

How can I find a legitimate lender for one-hour payday loans?

You are in the right place. We have been in business for more than a decade, serving Americans nationwide. We work hard to provide you the best lending solutions and to have a strong lender group so that your chances of getting the cash you need are improved.

Can I get a payday loan in one hour?

There are no guarantees of approval for a one hour payday loan. And remember, you do not get your cash in one hour. But the process of completing your online loan request form and getting an answer is normally less than 5 minutes. If approved, your lender contacts you directly, and it usually takes about 15 minutes for them to go over your loan terms and conditions and to do all the paperwork as well as answer any questions you may have. When done, if you accept your loan terms, you will see the cash in your account in one business day.

Where can I get a 1-hour payday loan?

We are here to serve you and your immediate cash needs. Our lenders can provide service to you in most states. There are some states that do not allow payday loans. You can check your state website to see the regulations your state has in place at any given time. Each state has different regulations regarding payday loans.

Quick Online Loan Request Form

Our online form is short and easy to complete. Most people only need 1-3 minutes to complete it. Your data is secure and protected, and we do not sell it to other companies.

Super-Fast Loan Decision

After submitting your loan request, it only takes about 90 seconds or less to get an answer. The average time to get an answer is less than 1 minute. That is fast!

If you need fast cash, we are here to assist you. Get started by completing an online loan request.


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