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  1. What is a payday loan?

    FAQ For Instant Cash Loan

    A payday loan is a short-duration, small loan, that you usually pay back on your upcoming payday. It is occasionally called a cash advance, and is a suitable way to obtain cash if you need it instantly. Such loans are not intended to be a resolution to long-term financial troubles. You can get the loan approval within in a short span and without any hassles.

  2. How Much Funds Can I Obtain?

    You could get anywhere between $100 to $1000 cash with payday loans. Your chosen payday lender will be able to establish exactly the maximum loan amount you could be eligible for, depending on your income, rate of payment and other information supplied by you.

  3. How Much Does It Cost to Use Cash In A Snap?

    CashinaSnap.com is absolutely free to use. You can analyze proposals from our lenders, without any kind of charge or obligation. Our services are free, till you give your consent for a loan agreement with the lender of your choice.

    The charges applicable  on your loan will vary according to your payday loan amount and your payday lender. Your lender will inform you about the fee for your loan during the submission of your application. You should understand that payday loans are intended to fulfill your emergency cash needs and are often less expensive than check fees, late penalties and other expenses you might bear due to belated payments. You are therefore, always advised to borrow responsibly.

  4. Can I Still Qualify for a Loan If I Have Bad Credit or a Bankruptcy?

    Yes. Your credit score isn't a deciding factor for obtaining a payday loan, so you need not worry about your bad credit.

  5. If I Already Have a Payday Loan Outstanding, Can I Still Qualify?

    Yes. However, your eligibility will be based on the state you are applying from. Some states forbid multiple payday loans for individuals. Lenders will check with third party agencies to confirm if you have any outstanding payments due on your existing payday loans, but this will not be disclosed to the credit bureaus.

  6. What Is the Basic Criteria for Getting a Payday Loan or Cash Advance? Getting payday loan approval is actually a lot easier than you may think. The basic requirements for loan approval include:

Cash Advance Process

  1. How Do I Receive the Funds?

    Once the supporting documents are accepted and reviewed as required, your loan application proceeds for final approval. After getting approved, the loan amount is electronically transferred into your bank account.

  2. How Long Will It Take to Obtain My Payday Loan?

    Your application process can be completed within a few minutes, or as little as 4 minutes!

  3. Do I Need a Fax Machine or Printer?

    No, with CashinaSnap.com, you don't need to bother with using a fax machine or printer. You may be occasionally required to fax extra information, like a copy of a recent pay receipt, or bank statement, when dealing with certain lenders we connect you to. It's always recommended to maintain a hard copy record of your loan agreement, but it's not needed for the processing of your loan.

    Many office superstores such as, Office Depot, Office Max, Staples and other stores, offer fax and printing services if you do not have access to a fax machine or printer.

  4. Can I Check My Loan Status at Cash In A Snap?

    No. Because Cash in a Snap doesn’t handle loan disbursement, but rather connects you with our topmost lenders, whom we have carefully picked to service you. You can acquire the complete loan information from your lender.

  5. How Do You Protect My Private Information?

    Your privacy is thoroughly secured by our advanced technology. Even the smallest pieces of information are firmly encrypted to ensure your overall privacy and security. We have triple protection firewalls installed on our servers. You can know more about this by viewing our Privacy Policy.

Payday Loan Payments

  1. When Do I Repay My Loan?

    When you are due for your scheduled re-payment, a pre-authorized electronic withdrawal is made from your bank account. You are not required to make any physical payments. If you need an extension, you should request it from your lender prior to your due date. Extra charges are levied for loan extensions and vary according to the selected lender.

  2. What If I Can't Repay My Loan?

    You should immediately get in touch with your lender regarding repayment issues of any loan, to obtain a resolution. Extra charges and penalties may be applicable to you for not making timely repayment of your loan.

  3. Can I Get an Extension for Repaying My Payday Loan?

    You may be granted a loan extension or a ‘rollover' by lenders in certain states where rollovers are allowed. Some states even permit multiple rollovers, while others have a complete ban on rollovers. Your lender can inform you about your eligibility to receive an extension. For requesting a rollover, you should immediately get in touch with your lender, prior to your loan’s due date. Your lender may charge extra penalties or fees if your scheduled repayment is late, and may ask for an immediate refund of your leftover balance.