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Do you want to cover an emergency expense and have trouble accessing the traditional loans in Ohio? CashinaSnap lenders offer payday loans that will help you meet your short-term financial needs. We are a referral service having a large network of 100 trusted payday lenders who offer fast and secure payday loans in financial emergencies.

Ohio Payday Loan law 

Legal Status: Legal in the Ohio state

Ohio Payday Loan Terms:

Ohio Payday Loan Debt Limits:

Ohio Payday Loan Collection Limits:

Collection Fees: $20 collection charge, Bank charges (if disclosed); Court Costs after default; damages

Criminal Action: Prohibited

Reference: Ohio Payday Loan Law and Legislation

Payday Loans Online in Ohio

According to Ohio state law, payday lending is legal. Ohio has a $1,000 payday loan limit. Payday loans can be taken for the period from 91 to 1 year with the maximum interest rate of 28% (APR). One loan at a time is allowed. No rollovers are allowed. Criminal actions are prohibited.

More than 15% of Ohio residents are living at or below the federal poverty line.

Payday loans fall under the Ohio Revised Code Ann. 1321.35 et seq. The typical payday borrower in Ohio earns about $30,000 per year and uses payday loans to cover recurring expenses, such as rent, mortgage payments, groceries, and utilities. The Ohio Short-Term Loan Act restricted the maximum loan amount to $500, annual percentage rate at 28%, and gave borrowers at least 31 days to pay off their loans.

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Common Loan Request Criteria for Ohio Payday Loans

Applying for a payday loan is a straightforward process. To qualify, you’ll

Most lenders will also want you to supply your Social Security number to confirm your identity, and the application usually has questions regarding your employment, income, and personal information.

If you’re applying online, you’ll likely need to provide your checking account number as well. This allows the lender to deposit the approved funds into your bank account and debit payments when they’re due.

Our Online Payday Loans Request Process for Ohio

The process of requesting payday loans in Ohio is quick and easy. You can complete the online loan request form in 3-4 minutes if you have all your personal and financial information ready. The loan approval decision is made instantly. If approved, the lender will contact you directly to explain the loan terms and conditions and transfer the money to your account the next business day.

How Are We Different Than Other Payday Loan Providers in Ohio

All our payday lenders offer clear rates and terms. There are no hidden charges on your loan. At Cash in a Snap, our lenders make sure that all our borrowers understand the terms and conditions of Ohio payday loans before accepting the offer. Our lenders are licensed to operate in Ohio and follow all the rules and regulations by the industry standards organization – OLA.

Our online loan request form is completely secure, and all your information is encrypted for your safety and security. We offer bad credit payday loans to help people of Ohio who have been turned down by traditional banks due to their low credit score. Our aim is to help people solve their financial crunch by providing them the cash they need immediately.

Choose Us for Online Payday Loans in Ohio

If you are in a tight financial spot and are faced with an unexpected medical bill and car repair, request for instant cash advances from Cash in a Snap. We are committed to helping the residents of Ohio meet their financial emergencies. We have years of experience in providing trusted service in the payday industry. Request your online payday loan now!

Can you go to jail for not paying back a payday loan in Ohio?

You cannot go to jail for failing to pay your loan back. Payday lenders in Ohio can either collect on loans without legal assistance or sell the debt. However, collections agencies acting on behalf of payday lenders must properly identify themselves to the borrower, their family, their employer, or their friends. Phone harassment and calling after 9 p.m. is against Ohio payday loan laws.

Reference: Ohio Payday Loan Law and Legislation

Ohio payday loan regulation

Ohio’s Mortgage Lending Act (MLA)

(Ohio Rev. Code Ann. 1321.35 et seq.

15 U.S. Code § 1606. Determination of annual percentage rate)



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