How You Can Save Big Bucks and Win at Casino

Going to Las Vegas or any resort town for gambling can be a lot of fun. After all, there are tons of fun shows, unique attractions, and all sorts of amazing foods to eat while you’re on vacation, not to mention the chance to just relax.

Tricks To Save A Casino

However, when it comes to visiting places like Las Vegas, everybody knows that the real allure is the potential to win money and keeping away from losing quick cash loans at the tables.

While you may not be planning on doing a lot of gambling, there are some tips to help you stay at the tables longer or win more money while risking less:

However, when you play quarter slots, the most you’re going to bet on a single hand in most cases is five quarters, or $1.25. Over the course of a whole evening or afternoon, you’re less likely to lose at the quarter slots since the payoffs when you do hit them are going to be even higher.

It might sound like a big jump to go from $5 to $10 blackjack, but it is well worth it if you can get better odds since you’ll be able to play longer by winning more.

  • Don’t Play the Penny Slots. If you’ve ever played them before, you know that you could easily spend $4 or more on each pull and you’ll never win a whole lot, even if you play the maximum.

  • Find a Blackjack Table That Offers 3:2 Winnings Instead of 6:5 Winnings. While you might need to play a higher dollar amount per hand, your chance of winning any money is actually higher since you’re reducing the house edge by nearly 1-percent.

  • Try to Get as Much Free Stuff as You Can from the Casino. If you spend the whole day gambling, the casino should offer you comps on food, drinks, and even entertainment. Get a player’s card and check in with the concierge often.


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