Careers Today: The Best Paying Jobs in US

Most high paying careers in the US require more than 4 years of study. However, the time you put in school will be justified when you get employed. Here are the top 8 highest paying careers.

    Jobs With High Payment In USA

  • Marketing Manager Marketing managers work in different industries, from manufacturing, consumer goods, financial services, or even the health sector. The annual mean wage of the career is $126,190, but many marketers earn higher based on their successes.

  • Natural Sciences Manager Natural science managers supervise scientists and other researchers working in chemistry, physics, and biology fields. The managers typically require a bachelor’s degree and earn an annual mean wage of $128,230.

  • Architectural and Engineering Managers This career may not seem high-paying but architectural and engineering managers, particularly those working in the oil and gas industry, earn high wages. Their annual mean wage is $129,350. You need a minimum of a bachelor’s education to enter the field.

  • Lawyers Many lawyers make a comfortable living thanks to the ever increasing need for their services. Lawyers in some fields, especially those related to personal injuries,earn above average wages. The annual mean wage of lawyers is $130,490.

  • Petroleum Engineers If you love getting your hands dirty in the field, you should look towards becoming a petroleum engineer. The majority of oil and gas engineers are based in Texas and earn an annual average salary of $138,980.

  • Chief Executive Officers CEOs call the shots in different economy sectors, and are perhaps the only group that does not need to be in school for many years. Their annual mean salary is $234,770, with a majority of them required to have an MBA or many years of experience.

  • Dentists and Orthodontists Dentists may work alongside other doctors on the same premises and come a close second in the list of high paying careers. The annual mean salary of dentists and orthodontists is $204,670.

  • Doctors and Surgeons Doctors and surgeons typically require a bachelor’s degree and have to take more years to specialize. The professionals are the highest paid in the US, earning a mean annual salary of $234,950.


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