New Year’s Date: Get Ready and Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Looking forward to your New Year’s date? Being able to start the brand new year with a date is great for the spirits, but you still have to make sure that you avoid these top 5 date mistakes that women make when you're about to fly out the door.
  1. Too Much Perfume
    Too Much Perfume
    Having just enough of a spritz can be intoxicating or alluring, but too much, and then suddenly you're being avoided because of the pungent fragrance. A good practice is to put two quick spritzes on the wrists and one near the neck.

  2. Uneven Foundation
    Uneven Foundation
    Seeing the difference in skin tone between your neck and face can be a huge turn off for men as it can be seen as you're high maintenance. Instead, it is best to blend in a small amount of foundation in order to make your makeup seem more natural.

  3. Messy Eye Shadow
    Messy Eye Shadow
    Even if you're running out the door for your New Year’s date, don't forget to give a final check on your mascara and eye shadow! Wipe away any "fallout" or excess eye shadow that might come off the brush and land on your face as well as checking to make sure your eye shadow isn't smudged and your mascara doesn't have clumps.

  4. Scaly, Dry Skin
    Scaly, Dry Skin
    With the wintry weather, people need to keep hydrated and moisturized--especially when they have dates to go to! Keeping unscented moisturizing lotion is the best bet to combat scaly, dry skin right before your special night.

  5. Chapped lips
    Chapped lips
    On the same note as dry skin, chapped lips are another common problem during the winter that can be easily cured with strong and moisturizing lip balm. Another thing you can invest is something known as lip scrub, which can help get rid of the excess skin from the lips and leave them completely smooth and kissable.

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