Taking Your Family to Disney? Better Save Up

Every child dreams of visiting the Enchanted Kingdom. The problem is that for as much as they dream about Disneyland,their parents dread it. One trip lasting a few short days can land a family two months behind in their bills unless they find a way to carefully plan and budget for the trip. A few of the best ideas are:

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Avoid Peak Travel Times Visit the Disney properties on the off season. Peak season prices can be almost double those of the off season. It costs less and there are less people. During the off season, the best hotels are much less crowded, giving you the first choice at many of the more popular activities.

Plan Ahead Check into specific travel packages that might be available. If you plan on traveling during the off season, you can cash in on some major money saving deals. Take advantage of flight/hotel/rental car packages that allow you to bundle all of your major expenditures into one payment.

Go Economy Stay on a budget and go economy. If you don't use the package deals, avoid the more expensive hotels and stay in an economy price hotel. While the expensive sheets are nice, they are incredibly expensive for just a few hours of sleep. If you get a rental car, choose an economy car.

Eat Free Most hotels offer complimentary breakfast foods each morning. Stock up on breakfast before you leave the hotel and you might be able to put lunch off until midafternoon.

One Park/One Day Park passes that allow entry into several parks each day are extremely expensive. Stick to one park per day and enjoy yourself.

Avoid Expensive Souvenir Shops Department stores in the area around the Disney properties carry many of the same souvenirs as the shops within the park. Buy your mementos outside of the gates and you will save quite a bit of money.

Free Parking Instead of paying to park, find the “free parking” areas and ride the buses to your destination. It not only saves you money, you don't have the frustration of fighting the traffic.


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