7 Ways Women can find a job and save money during COVID-19

Women have been affected as much, and likely more, than men during this recession brought on by the COVID pandemic. It is estimated that almost 20% left their jobs to handle their kids’ learning (remote that is). So now women are doubling as teachers in a troubling time. It has mostly impacted women.


Here are the stats:

The lost income and added stress has made it difficult for millions of women nationwide. Here are a few ideas that may help women (whether single, married, in a relationship, etc.) get back in the job market as the pandemic begins to ease up.

7 really good ideas to help women in the current job market:

1.  Get help paying the bills

  • One of the first things to figure out is how do I pay my bills? You might consider,
  • Talk to your landlord, utilities, credit card companies, etc., and negotiate lower payments for the time being. 
  • Make sure you are getting all the unemployment benefits you deserve, there is an extra $300 a week just approved by Congress.
  • Check into programs like SNAP for food assistance.
  • Try using a telehealth appointment (typically $50 @ Teladoc) and avoid an urgent care facility or emergency room where costs could be $150 to $1000 or more.
  • Make sure you get your stimulus check which was just approved by Congress of $1,400.

2. Unemployment rates are dropping fast, start your job search now if you do not have a job to go back to.

The top 3 industries that are reporting shortages of employees are: healthcare, 
transportation and warehousing, and manufacturing.

3.Keep up your skills

Many great jobs that are becoming high demand require some training. A lot of it is available online and is relatively inexpensive so you can start before you enter the job market in many cases.

4. Find child care

When it comes to finding quality childcare it can be difficult. And all mothers know it is costly as well. But when you are a working mom, you will almost certainly need some child care service. Go online and check out the many places that can refer you to qualify child care and read the reviews. Services like Care.com and others can help you find the right person for your kids.

5. Pay less for makeup and women’s products

Women are charged more for their personal care products than men, quite a bit more. But you can offset a lot of this cost by getting unscented or gender-neutral products. Where it is appropriate, try men’s shampoo, soap, shaving cream and/or deodorant. They work just as well and are often composed of the same ingredients less the perfumes.
If you need outside services e.g., a plumber, do a little homework. Unfortunately,  women often pay more than men as unfair as it may be. If you know the going rates for any service, you can shop smarter.

6. Start a small business

If you have a passion or special skill, consider starting a small business to make extra money. Recessions are the best time to start businesses as opportunities are greater. Women own 40% of small businesses and growing. You could be one as well.

Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur? Do your homework by asking for some free advice at your local SCORE chapter. They can help you with financial tips and more. And do research on your business structure and taxes. Forming an LLC or corporation could be a big tax saver. You can also explore loans backed by the SBA to fund your startup.

7. Actively manage your stress. Many of these techniques help women today. Try some out.

  • Deep breathing exercises can help you relax and refocus
  • Stretching and physical exercise is necessary to keep you on top of your game
  • Journaling helps many women
  • Everyone needs time alone, schedule some for yourself
  • Meditation like journaling can be restorative and relieve stress
  • Sleep is critical to being healthy and productive, you need 8 hours a night
  • Organizing your home and everything you do; it will relieve stress and make you more productive
  • Still stressed, talk with friends and family, or seek professional counseling if needed

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