5 Enduring Spooky Halloween Costumes From the Past

If its sheer terror and the horrors from the abyss you wish to bring forth this Halloween, then here is a list of the five all-time spookiest Halloween costumes from the past. Frankenstein Nothing gets the heart pumping like a scary Frankenstein costume from the silent film era. Stitched together body parts and a square head is a fashion statement which screams ‘I’m dead, so what of it?’ Team up a Frankenstein costume with chunky boots and maybe an old gunny sack to complete the look and carry your candy in. Buzz LightyearHalloween He’s not scary but nothing tickles the imagination like Toy Story’s hero and lovable character Buzz Lightyear walking down the street. If it isn’t weird enough that there is a life-size toy astronaut walking around this Halloween it’s even stranger that he stands very still if someone spots him just like the movie.

Pulp Fiction Here is a fun couple idea for this Halloween. Dress up as Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace from pulp fiction. Who can forget the pale couple from Pulp Fiction and the ghoulish dance they performed at the Jack Rabbit Slims diner. If it’s you and a buddy then dressing as hit-men and best friends Vincent and Jules is a bro-tastic idea.

Dr. Evil and Mini-Me If this is baby’s first Halloween or you are trick-a-treating with a little darling, why don’t you get in on the illusion of the costume? Dressing like Dr. Evil and his clone Mini-Me from the classic Austin Powers is a fun and cute Halloween idea. Ghost Busters Not to forget the Halloween classic ‘Ghostbusters’ dress up as Peter Venkman, the loony psychologist from Ghostbusters. The costume is easy enough to put together. Don’t forget the backpack canister and ray gun.

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