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Celebrated on the first Monday of every September in the United States, where the day comes as a token of gratitude and recognition for the energetic and hardworking Americans to take rest and enjoy the holiday, is the Labor’s Day. A famous writer “James P. Hoffa” has said that “Labor Day is seen as a day of rest for many hardworking Americans”. He also said that the arrival of the Labor Day is the last chance for Americans to enjoy the summer and go for a trip to their desired location. It heralds the setting down of the summer season and respite from its scorching heat, and the arrival of fall.

Labor Day Celebration

Labor’s day is a national holiday in the United States where people celebrate the day with outdoor parties, social gatherings and also as their last summer trip. Cash in A Snap salutes all the hard working Americans for their immense contribution towards the development of United States economy and turning our country to be a major superpower of the world in every aspect.

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