Piggy Banks to Paychecks: 5 Books to Teach Money Lessons

For most parents, getting their young children to read is a necessity. One traditional subject in children's books that is starting to take on added significance is the concept of money. With that being said, here are five interesting books for your children to help teach them about money: The Lemonade War The Lemonade War is the story of Evan and Jessie, two siblings. Evan is more outgoing, while Jessie is more of a thinker. Their styles clash when both siblings decide to open up lemonade stands. This book is a great teaching guide for entrepreneurship and money management. Teach Your Child Regarding Money Joseph Had a Little Overcoat Joseph Had a Little Overcoat tells the story of a man who has a very nice overcoat, but as he wears it continually, the overcoat begins to wear out. Eventually Joseph takes the material of the overcoat, and makes a cloth button. This book teaches frugality and the value of reusing things. Annie's Adventures Annie's Adventures is based off of a young orphaned girl named Annie whose parents disappear. Annie has to assume adult responsibilities, such as learning how to write checks, analyzing bills, and how to manage the money. This book is great for teaching the basics of paying bills and being financially responsible. Bunny Money Bunny Money tells the story of two siblings who plan to buy their grandmother a birthday present when an emergency happens. This book teaches important lessons about how to budget your money properly and preparing for emergencies. A Chair for My Mother When one family loses their home in a tragic fire, everyone works hard to save money to purchase a brand new chair. This book is great for discussing the plight of everyday people with minimum wage jobs.

Kimmy Burgess

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