What You Should do When Credit Card Fraud Happens

Credit card fraud can be hard to detect and can go on for a very long time. The worst thing is that the crime can leave you broke before you even realize it. In such a case you will have to find an alternative source of cash. One such source is quick cash advance. This service can provide you with financial relief when credit card fraud has left you without cash. If you are a victim of credit card fraud, follow the steps below to getting your life and finances back on track:

Inform the authority

This is important if you lose your card in a crime incident such as mugging or break-in. When filing out the crime report include the lost credit card as part of the missing items. Some banks and credit card providers will require a police report when you are reporting a credit card theft.

Report any missing cards or unusual usage

This applies when you detect a fraud incident before your bank or credit card provider does. Report any missing cards and any suspect transactions. The bank or credit card provider can then suspend the card to investigate the matter.

Act on bank or credit card alerts

Frauds With Credit Cards

Often when your bank or credit card provider detects credit card fraud they will send you an email. Respond immediately to these email alerts so that the affected credit cards are deactivated. However, scrutinize the emails to ensure they originate from your bank or credit card provider.

Get a copy of your personal credit report

Check your personal credit report. You can obtain the report from national credit reporting agencies like Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. If you notice unusual activities on your credit report after reporting the incidence call your bank to freeze your card.

Consider alternative sources if you are cash strapped

Sometimes credit card fraud might leave you without cash and a poor credit report. A damaged credit report can take anywhere from months to years to rectify. When you don’t have cash, you can apply for a quick cash advance. And thankfully lenders providing the cash advance do not consider your credit report when approving your application.


Kimmy Burgess

Kimmy Burgess is the Manager of Cash in a Snap, which helps clients get connected to its large network of reputed lenders to get a same day cash advance when they need it most. Kimmy has over 20+ years' experience in Administrative Management, with many years in the lending industry. Her expertise includes customer service, client services and other functions in the payday lending business. She has also spent time in the mortgage industry prior to her move into the payday lending field.

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